Difference Between the Original Bill of Lading and Telex release

The shipper issues the Bill of Lading (BL) or shipping document (express or telex release) when performing an international import or export shipment. The Bill of lading confirms that the goods sent by the exporter to an importer has been shipped with the designated shipper. When performing this import or export, the BL may be a physical document called the ORIGINAL paper or can be done virtually. Which of these documents is necessary at different points of the shipment depends on the type of relationship you have with your ISP and country-specific regulations to which documents are delivered. If you book with iContainers you can upload all this documentation online.

Telex Release and Bill of lading

telex release

The BLs must be sent from the exporter to the importer either as the ORIGINAL or TELEX RELEASE. This usually depends upon whether or not the provider trusts the client and whether or not the payment has been secured. If you have confidence in the provider and the country allows it you can do the EXPRESS OR TELEX RELEASE as this will save the cost of the shipping by international courier documentation.

The difference is that if you choose to use the original, the importer will have to have the original in hand to receive the goods, so there will be a cost to shipping the international documentation. Instead, if the TELEX RELEASE is used instead, the copy provided to the importer will be enough.

Telex release, as well as the bill of lading are one of the mandatory documents needed to ship internationally. Check our best rates now and see how you can go through your shipment easily and at the best price. Rely on the know-how of iContainers, the online Ocean freight forwarder operating since 2007.in Spain and now, in the United States.

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