Libya Shipping Requirements

In order to Ship to Libya you’ll need to know a bit about the Libya Shipping requirements involved. To help you with this process, iContainers has compiled the most relevant customs information to assist you in shipping to Libya.

General Import Regulations

When shipping to Libya, import duties must be paid in the dinar, the Libyan currency. An import license is not required, however there are certain duty rates for certain products based on gross weight. Ad valorem duties are based on the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of the goods.
Please be aware that the following items are strictly controlled. In some cases their importation will be restricted to certain public corporations.
• Food items
• Gold
• Insecticides
• Medicines
• Petroleum products
• Tobacco
Shipment to Libya of the following items is prohibited.
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Luxury Cars
• Used Cars
• Used Equipment and Machinery
• All imports from Israel

Commercial Invoice

A single commercial invoice is required for all items in the shipment. This invoice must include:
• Invoice number
• Place and date of issue
• Seller’s name and address
• Buyer’s name and address
• Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) number for every item listed
• Detailed description of goods for every item
• FOB cost for each line item
• Unit price
• Currency
• Quantity
• Total FOB value of the transaction
• Freight charges listed separately
• Insurance charges listed separately
• Total CIF value of the transaction
• Transaction Incoterm and corresponding place of delivery
• Other reference numbers
Please note that when shipping two or more units of cargo it is recommended to attach a packing list to the commercial invoice. In this packing list, clearly identify the contents of each package and include the gross weight, net weight, and marks and numbers of each package.

Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin is required for all shipments.
This certificate will include the country of origin and/or manufacture of the shipment, what percentage originates from another country, assurance that the goods are consigned to a Libyan company, assurance that the conveyance/carrier will not call at a port in Israel.
When shipping from the United States, the following additional steps must also be taken.
1. A notary public must authenticate the form
2. The form must then be certified by the appropriate chamber of commerce
3. Lastly, the form must receive consular legislation from the Libyan diplomatic representation in the country of origin.
Product Packaging/Labeling
Packaging should be strong enough to withstand weather conditions such as heat and moisture, and rough handling. Dangerous goods require U.N. Performance Oriented Packaging (UN POP). Identify each package with marks and numbers. Any labels attached to goods must be printed in Arabic Script.
*If shipping wood packing materials, marking and treatment in accordance with the ISPM-15 standard may be required.

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