Documents Required for Commercial Shipments to Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is located on China’s southern coast. With over 7 million residents it is one of the most densely populated regions of China.
Organizing shipments to Hong Kong may seem a daunting task but it can be made simple with the help of iContainers. Commercial shipments have special requirements as compared to personal shipments, so before making a commercial shipment to Hong Kong you’ll need to be aware of the following required documents.

Required Documents
Documents that may be required to facilitate Customs clearance include:
• Manifests
• Export License or Removal Permit
• Copy of detention notice
• Supporting Documents such as
• Bill of Lading
• Commercial Invoice
• Packing List

Other Procedures to Consider
Container shipments transported by sea will need to have detention notices issued to shipping agents. Container terminal operators, Go Down operators and Consignees are all required to submit cargo manifests for Customs scrutiny as well.

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