10 common mistakes made by exporters

Starting the internationalization of a business is not always an easy journey. Many companies around the world have initiated projects to internationalize their business going to other markets, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. Today we want to share with you a list of 10 common mistakes companies make when they start these projects.

#1 Inadequate internal structure to export: the internal structure should be adapted to the process (people in charge, commitment, language skills, etc.)

#2 Lack of strategy: export requires defining a prior strategy before making decisions that may go against the company

#3 No adaptation to new markets: sometimes it is necessary to adapt products to the target market

#4 No study of the impact on costs and lead times involved in international transport compared

#5 Miss the potential barriers of entry or the export licenses that some products may need

#6 Lack of trusty partners: in export many parties are involved and you must learn to choose them correctly, always trust professionals like iContainers

#7 No knowledge of international bank transactions: it is necessary to learn how international trade transactions work and how to assure the payment of goods (i.e. letter of credit)

#8 Do not focus on customer: despite all the extra activities that exporting means, we must put customers ahead and give them what they need (samples, delivery, etc.)

#9 Send products that differs from the initially shown to your customer or close a sale without logistics service or local dealers

#10 Incorrectly identify the market that you are going to export without analyzing its particularities

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