New ISF regulations move forward

Since last May 15th the new Importers Security Filing rule becomes official. New ISF regulations by CBP (Customs and Border Patrol), also known as 10+2, states that importers of ocean freight to the United States must provide data regarding the content of their shipment cargo to the CBP 5 days prior to their arrival. This information needs to be submitted electronically through ACE. ACE will have the ability to file unified ISF/Entry.

10+2 new ISF regulations

A customs bond will be required to secure the ISF filing and the 5 most common bonds have been amended to incorporate the ISF requirement. However, there are some exceptions. Bond requirements have been waived from the following ISF coded transactions:

  • Type 3 “Household Goods/Personal Effects”
  • Type 4 “Government and Military”
  • Type 5 “Diplomatic”
  • Type 6 “Carnets”
  • Type 9 “International Mail”
  • Type 11 “Informal Shipments”

ISF regulations started in January 2010 and this new step will improve the CBP’s ability to recognize potentially hazardous cargo in advance, improving its ability to identify containers that may pose a risk for terrorism.


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