Miami Herald highlights iContainers freight forwarding services

Photo via Miami Herald

Photo via Miami Herald


We are thrilled about the recent interview the Miami Herald did with Carlos Hernandez, our co-founder and global managing director. iContainers is described as a pioneering freight forwarding online services that allows shippers anywhere to log on to 24 hours a day, search thousands of transportation options, and find the best routes, schedules and rates for moving their merchandise. And well, it’s true. We are so proud to be pioneers helping companies to move freight globally through iContainers online service.


iContainers was born when Iván Tintoré and Carlos Hernández realized that the freight-forwarding industry was old-fashioned and needed to change. The two developed the first Internet-based freight-forwarding system in Barcelona, secured financing from venture capital firms and set up the new company. That was at the end of 2007. Now, in 2015, a lot more is going on:


-While most forwarders are failing online freight sales tests, iContainers proves itself through its innovative online platform.

-We offer real-time freight quotes from the top shipping companies.

-More than 150,000 online quotes.
-More than 10.000 TEUs shipped.

-108 ports in the U.S, 138 in South America, 90 in Europe, 86 in Africa, 188 in Asia and 23 in Oceania.

-Offices in Barcelona, Miami and Ahmedabad.

-Member of WCA.


Miami Herald also highlighted how iContainers supervises the entire process: once a customer books a shipment online, employees at the Miami office handle the details of arranging the shipment and keep the customer informed of the merchandise’s movements. No matters if you are a large firm, small company, a SME or an individual, iContainers provides total guidance to all of them, helping to deal with the complex international import/export regulations, duties and other red tape.

iContainers USA is also sponsoring a series of international trade seminars and webinars. These events focus on how to optimize the logistics process in international trade and explain best practices developed by exporters and importers. As Carlos Hernández said in this interview for Miami Herald, “Through our efforts in communities and our events, we plan to educate businesses about the ease and affordability of going global”. Yes, it is happening. iContainers online service has taken freight forwarding to the next level.
Read  the complete Miami Herald article here


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