iContainers top 5 milestones in 2015

icontainers 2015 milestones

 It’s been a great year for iContainers. Since the company first launched in Barcelona in 2008, a lot has happened. Ocean freight is no longer as it was: six years of negotiations led to the already-controversial TPP agreement this year, after eleven rounds of negotiations the outcome of the TTIP is still unclear, the shipping industry remains threatened by global terrorism, the Northwest Passage will soon make shipping routes much shorter.

This has not only changed the global context, but also the way we do business within the ocean freight industry. The average time for receiving a freight forwarder’s quote has been reduced from 90 hours to a mere 15 seconds. That’s exactly how long it takes our online calculator to give you an estimate for your international shipment. Yes, only 15 seconds. We are faster, we are more experienced, but still we have a lot of improving to do.  These are iContainers top 5 milestones in 2015:

ocean freight is changing

  •  The A-BBB Certificate means that we are doing a great job. To be a Better Business Bureau accredited company you need to prove that you are building trust, honesty, transparency, reliability, safeguarding privacy, embodying integrity, truth in advertising and a good faith effort to resolve all consumer  complaints.
  • Fastest online freight forwarder: you can be more productive in only 15 seconds, and we’ve proven it. 15 seconds is all you need to get an instant and complete quote for your ocean-freight needs. Please notice that three of the sixteen forwarders never even responded to the initial quote, instantly losing out on the sale.
  •  More than 16,000 containers shipped: with a portfolio of more than 2,000 companies and 95% world ports coverage, we are healthy growing. Our secret? We bring efficiency to the shipping industry while improving and streamlining communication processes among the multiple parties involved in the logistics of cargo transportation.
  •  More than $11 million billed this year: 90% more than 2014. If Amazon changed the way you shop and Expedia the way you book your travel, now it’s our turn. We are changing the way freight forwarding is done.
  •  Successful new Door-to-Door services: now you can get a Door-to-Door Ocean Freight Quote between USA and Spain and get a Door-to-Door Ocean Freight quote between the U.S and Taiwan. With either option you can ship FCL and LCL: export, import and moving with less waste of money and fewer parties involved. A realistic alternative to all your personal or commercial requirements.

This is happening! iContainers is taking real-time freight quotes to the next level. Thank you for trusting us and if you still haven’t worked with us, give us a try!

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