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Rotterdam Port expanding reach into central Europe

Rotterdam Port is moving to maintain its status as Europe’s biggest port. Even as it improves the efficiency of Dutch customs inspection procedures, retaining its throne also requires developing its ocean freight and railway transportation competitiveness. Amid increasing competition from neighboring ports, it now requires new terminals to use its expanded on-dock rail facilities. It’s part of its plan to extend its rail transport presence into the central European hinterland to acquire new markets.

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A common misconception when shipping overseas is not having to handle documentation. Going through a freight forwarding company like iContainers does not mean all of the work is done for you. It is important to do your research on any permits, licensing, or special documentation that is required.

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Why preparing your China import Christmas campaign is so important

With less than 90 days to Christmas, the holidays are fast approaching. While most of us are still getting adjusted to fall, a lot of companies have been planning their ocean freight for months now. China is the leading country for importing to the US during the holiday season. Last year, China import goods contributed $2.83 billion to the continuously-growing shipping industry.

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