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Yep, you read right. Ocean freight is indeed that cheap! Welcome to our sixth Friday Fun Fact, where we blow your mind with fascinating facts about the shipping industry! You’ve since learned that the largest ships can cost over $200 million to construct and that only an astonishing 2% to 10% of containers worldwide are inspected. This week, do allow us to tell you about how cost-friendly it is to send your freight via ships!

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01 Dec / 2016

U.S. imports Q3 stats

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In the third quarter of 2016 from July to September, the United States’ GDP grew at its fastest rate in two years. The growth of an annual rate of 2.9% was caused by a boost in U.S. exports. Imports wise, the U.S. imported over 3 million ocean freight shipments of both goods and services from foreign countries in the past quarter alone.

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asian carriers merging

Come together or sink

When times are hard, it’s wise to set aside our differences and push forward together. Come together, or fail. That seems to be the principle spreading across the ocean freight industry in recent times. We see it in the many shipping mergers, acquisitions, and alliances. And such is the message that Japan’s big three shipping conglomerates received and are now acting on.

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