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In just under two weeks, the ocean freight industry will undergo a transformation in the form of shipping alliances. Come April 1st, the song of shipping carriers will come to a halt in their roundabout of musical chairs. THE Alliance, Ocean Alliance, and 2M will set sail with new members. The new formation will look starkly different from the previous alliance groupings. That’s thanks to an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions in 2016.

In this post, we’ll look at how the world’s largest shipping lines will reorganize themselves from the current four alliances to three.

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Introduction: Port Miami

Located strategically at the crossroads of the Americas, it’s no wonder that Port Miami is one of the US’ busiest ports. Given its location, many shippers use it as a transfer point for the transshipment of Asian ocean freight goods en route to South America.

Of all the southeastern US ports, the Port of Miami has the deepest shipping channels. It’s also the only port that’s able to handle neo-Panamax vessels. Plus, it is well-connected to the hinterlands with the Florida East Coast Railway’s on-dock intermodal rail service. The 351-mile freight rail system allows cargo docking at Port Miami to reach over two-thirds of the US market in as little as four days.

Port strengths aside, Port Miami is, above all, recognized as the Cruise Capital of the World and Global Gateway. 

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US ceramic tiles import growth

Most ceramic tiles trade movements are done via ocean freight. The United States is the world’s biggest importer of ceramic tiles. In 2015, US ceramic tiles imports and exports amounted to over 1.9 billion square feet. Of this, imports represented 97.88%. Despite this figure, the US is not the world’s largest consumer of ceramics, with countries such as China, Brazil, India, and Vietnam surpassing it. However, a massive 69% of its ceramic tiles consumption comes from imports, making it the most active market for ceramic exports.

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