us to netherlands shipping times

US to Netherlands shipping times

If you’re planning an ocean freight shipment to the Netherlands, one of the – if not the – key issues is the shipping time. The Netherlands is home to Europe’s largest and busiest port – the port of Rotterdam. That said, it’s no wonder that most of the US shipments to the Netherlands arrive here or the port of Amsterdam. Depending on the departure port in the US, a shipment could take anywhere from eight to 53 days.

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icontainers in dominican republic

iContainers’ latest expansion efforts have taken it to… the Caribbean! We’re proud to announce our new office in the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo. This is our second opening in just a matter of five months, following the launch of our Rotterdam office in Netherlands last November.

This is a great way to mark iContainers‘ ten-year anniversary of being in business. Ever since we launched in 2007, our digital platform has aimed to optimize ocean freight search results and manage shipments. Already, we have helped over 5,000 clients save time and money. The Dominican Republic branch is a step forward in iContainers’ plan to be present in all parts of the world. With offices in Barcelona, Miami, and Rotterdam, we are now adding a third continent to our list.

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export checklist blog image

The ultimate export checklist

Since iContainers came into business nearly 10 years ago now, we’ve dealt with our fair share of importers and exporters. This includes experienced shippers, and budding businessmen stepping into the world of ocean freight for the first time. Shipping represents some 90% of world trade and is unsurprisingly importers and exporters’ first choice for transporting cargo. But at the same time, it’s not short of its complexities. First-time exporters often find themselves lost having to grasp the concepts of international transportation.

In this post, we’ll provide an export checklist detailing the most basic aspects of international trade to take into consideration when you’re facing your first export. These include some of the most commonly asked questions and commonly made mistakes from first-time exporters. With this export checklist, you can hopefully reduce chances of unexpected delay and additional costs.

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