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Shipping lines tired of no-shows

If the ocean freight industry didn’t already have enough fees and fines, here’s another. Shipping lines Maersk, CMA CGM, and Hapag-Lloyd have began implementing no-shows fines on shipments that fail to show up on the vessel.

Maersk started the ball rolling in April when it began levying a no-shows fine on eastbound shipments out of Europe. French liner CMA CGM followed suit in May, on shippers who do not deliver containers on booked routes. According to the company, it has been experiencing problems with space on the eastbound trades from Europe. Such “no-shows”, it says, prohibits from loading shipments from other suppliers.

“CMA CGM has been facing a large number of shortfalls due to late cancellations preventing us from accepting bookings on behalf of other valued customers. Booking reliability will assist CMA CGM to efficiently allocate space and equipment in order to guarantee our customers’ needs and requirements.” – CMA CGM

German liner Hapag-Lloyd followed with its own such announcement a couple of weeks later.

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iContainers is proud to announce the launch of our new automated notifications feature!

As a shipper, iContainers’ proactive notifications system allows you to receive updates of their shipments in a fret-free manner. Forget the calling, forget the constant checking of any updates. Our automated notifications will notify you automatically as soon as there’s a change in your shipment status!

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Understanding ocean freight quotes

Anyone in the ocean freight in the industry will tell you it’s a complicated one. Even though shipping contributes to 90% of world trade, many remain unaware of the amount of care and steps that go into shipping a merchandise. Those unfamiliar with the sector and looking to understand it find themselves struggling to handle the steep learning curve. Terms, conditions, potential delays, and above all, abbreviations form part and parcel of the confusion.

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