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          Ocean Freight Transportation to Paraguay

          The boom that Paraguay has experienced over the last decade has seen it emerge as the country with the greatest economic growth in the region, and the fifth-greatest in all of Latin America. Notwithstanding its lack of coastline, ocean freight transportation to Paraguay has seen excellent development thanks to ports on the shorelines of the Paraguay and Paraná rivers. The country has enjoyed double-digit GDP growth for several years in a row, and fluctuations with respect to international currencies have remained very stable over the past few fiscal years. Growth projections and the country’s current National Development Plan (2014-2030) make ocean freight transportation to Paraguay an enormously attractive commercial option.

          Full Container Load (FCL) or Groupage (Less-Than-Container Load - LCL)

          Before contracting for ocean freight transportation to Paraguay, you will need to determine whether you need a Full Container Load (FCL) for your goods, or whether they may be transported via groupage - that is, a Less-Than-Container Load (LCL).

          Container transport via FCL allows you to avoid various contamination problems that can arise as a consequence of contact between your goods and those of another exporter. It is not, in fact, necessary that you fill the container you are using completely; it will prove cost-effective as long as the container is at least half-filled. The capacity of a 20-foot container is 30 cubic metres or 11 Europallets, while a 40-foot container is 60 cubic metres or 25 Europallets at maximum.Conversely, if the volume of your ocean freight transportation operations is such that you cannot fill a container sufficiently, LCL will always be a more economical alternative.

          Examine our rates to find the best option for transporting a container to Paraguay.

          Ocean Freight Routes to Paraguay

          Despite the fact that Paraguay is a country with no maritime coastline, the development of the Paraná-Paraguay waterway has reduced considerably the cost of exporting goods, something that was previously conducted via the Brazilian port of Paranaguá.

          • Asunción
            Paraguay boasts a unique port that was founded in the 16th century on the banks of the river that gave Paraguay its name. The Port of Asuncion is managed by the ANNP (Administración Nacional de Navegación y Puertos), an autonomous, arm’s-length government enterprise that, over the years, has established strategic operational alliances with the private sector, with the goal of consolidating its growth and the economic development of the country. Currently it has in force seven of the 10 agreements it has signed since its founding in 1988. This is not least because the Paraná-Paraguay waterway is the country’s principal medium of this sort, and is involved in 75% of Paraguayan foreign trade.
            Exports are centred on livestock and farming, grounded in soy, corn, beef, animal feed, and vegetable oils. Goods of an industrial nature - such as machinery, vehicles, or chemical products - dominate imports.
            Twenty million tons of goods are transported each year, generating more than $500 million USD, all because of the freighters that arrive at and depart from the Port of Asunción.
            The port provides loading, stowage, and consolidation services, as well as storage - sheltered or open-air - of containers, in bulk or refrigerated. It is equipped with transport cranes and infrastructure for the verification and comprehensive handling of goods.

          Air freight transportation to Paraguay

          If your shipping is urgent or your buyer/importer is requiring you to ship and deliver in a short time, we suggest you quote an air freight shipment. Please take into consideration the limitations on air freight shipments with respect to volume and weight - by using the calculator provided by iContainers.