Port of Vigo

The port of Vigo is located on the west coast of Spain at a perfect location with connections to Northern Europe and North America. It is well known for being the largest fishing port in the world but also functions as has a busy passenger and commercial cargo port.


The port of Vigo has been going under a big process of expansion in recent years, especially focused on the commercial freight sector. This includes the enlargement of container storage space from 120,000sqm to 160,000sqm, increasing the draft by 14 meters to 23 meters in some places, and an extra birthing line of over 1000m in the commercial dock, right in the center of the city.

The commercial port is currently made up of 7 cargo wharfs, including container wharfs serviced by 3 container cranes. The port handles around 2 million TUEs a year or around 90,000 containers.

You can learn more about the Port of Vigo by visiting their website here.

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