International Shipping to Angola

The Republic of Angola is located in southern Africa and is home to 20.8 million residents. If you are shipping to Angola, you should be aware of the following guidelines and necessary documents. Whether you are shipping a commercial shipment or sending personal items abroad, iContainers can make sure your shipment goes according to plan.

The documents required to ship are as follows:

• A copy of your valid taxpayer card. There should be one copy for each request.
• A copy of the shipping line’s Bill of Lading.
• A signed copy of the freight invoice detailing the charges that you have paid to ship the cargo.
• A list of container numbers in excel format. (Only required if there are more than 5 container numbers in the shipment)
• A completely filled application form.
• A signed copy of the commercial invoice.

What is the Bill of Lading?
The BL or bill of lading is a receipt given to the shipper for the goods delivered. This paper demonstrates the existence of a contract of carriage and grants rights to the goods. Learn more.

What is the commercial invoice?
The commercial invoice is a document issued by the seller-exporter, which reflects the price of the goods and the conditions under which the sale is made. Learn more.
iContainers handles international shipments to Angola from everywhere in the world. Quote your shipment here.

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