Shipping to Genoa, Italy


With one of our offices in Europe, we at iContainers handle many shipments to Italy. If you are shipping from the United States to Genoa, Italy, we have precisely the team and expertise to help you do so with ease. We make shipping to Genoa an easy thing.

Genoa is home to over 600,000 people and is the sixth largest city in Italy. We ship to the port of Genoa, which according to World Port Source, is “the hub of Italy’s Riviera and the capital of the Genova province and the Liguria region.”

How much will it cost shipping to Genoa your stuff?

Costs will vary depending on your port of departure. For an example, view the current

costs of shipping from Miami, FL to Genoa, Italy.

FCL shipments:

• 20 Feet: $2,119

• 40 Feet $2,460

• 40 High Cube $2,460

LCL Shipments:

• 1 CBM LCL : $340

• 2 CBM LCL : $489

• 5 CBM LCL : $1,005


Quote your specific shipment here. For additional questions or concerns, please contact us.


shipping to Genoa

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