Quick Tips to Calculate Volume and Weight of your Shipment

When shipping LCL, we find that many customers have trouble to calculate volume and weight of their shipments. In response, we’ve come up with some tips for you to use to help you. Keep reading…

Quick Tips for Measuring Volume

To calculate  the volume in the most precisely way, first you have to get clear the total measures of your shipment, (height, width, and length). The ideal formula is as easy as this:

Volume = height x width x length

Let see an example:

Supposing the dimension of the boxes you have are:

Height: 2 metres
Length: 2.50 metres
Width: 1.50 metres

The total volume would be:

Vol = Height x Length x Width
Vol = 2,00 m x 2,50 m x 1,50 m
Vol = 7.5 m3

  1. Line up your items and measure height, width, and length. Multiply these numbers to find the volume.
  2. If the first method is not feasible because you didn’t have packed yet, click here and use our volume calculator to find the volume of your shipment. It is completely free!
  3. We also facilitate a unit converter that will be very useful for the different units of measure you may face in your international shipment.

Quick Tips for Measuring Weight

The second thing you have to keep in mind when shipping is weight. We know it’s difficult to know it sometimes, but it’s really important for a successful international shipping. Here you have some tricks:

  1. If shipping boxes, weight one of your heavier ones and then multiply that number by the number of boxes. Use that number as your total weight.
  2. If not shipping boxes, search on the internet for the weight of your items. If your specific item is not listed, choose a similar item.
  3. Use our completely free calculator 


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