Our BBB Certificate and more good freight forwarding news

We got it! Since 07/16/15 we have been an official Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business. This certification means a lot to us, as does our presence in the Ultimate Logistics Startup List 2015. But there’s more good freight forwarding news… our new door-to-door service between the USA and the Netherlands. Three great announcements which underscore our commitment to our clients and to quality work.


iContainers gets an A-, excellent for a new arrival to the American market, BBB has determined that iContainers USA meets all its accreditation standards, which include building trust, truth in advertising, honesty, transparency, reliability, safeguarding privacy, embodying integrity and a good faith effort to resolve all consumer  complaints.BBB certificate for iContainers


The Better Business Bureau has been helping people make smarter decisions for over 100 years and has evolved to meet the fast-changing marketplace needs. We are now one of the almost 400,000 Accredited Businesses which meet the high standards set by the Better Business Bureau! We invite you to check out our reviews.  Nothing better than customer satisfaction!


And we have more reason to boast.  Freightos has included iContainers in the Ultimate Logistics Startup List 2015. We are among only 7 companies on the Freight Forwarding List. This means that while most of the top freight forwarders are missing sales opportunities by failing to respond to customers’ quote requests, iContainers proves itself with online freight sales through its innovative online platform.


Even more good freight forwarding news is on the way… We are launching our door-to-door shipments for imports, exports and overseas moves between the United States and the Netherlands. This new service gives customers the ability to book shipments as easily as they would send a package overnight, without worrying about pickups, paperwork and delivery. We can ship from any zip code in the U.S. to any zip code in The Netherlands; our customers don’t need to hire a shipping broker or another intermediary to manage logistics, not to mention that Rotterdam is in the top 50 of World Container Ports. More information about this new service will be in our upcoming blogs.  If you would like information before then,  please feel free to contact us.


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