Florida exports highlight the importance of this sector

In 2014, Florida was the seventh leading state in the U.S. in exports after Texas, California, Washington, New York, Illinois, and Louisiana.  Florida exports have become an important source of jobs here in the Sunshine State.  It is seventh in the nation for job creation due to export related positions according to the “September 2015 Data for the State of Florida”, a report just published by the Spanish Trade Commission, ICEX, in Miami.

In a state where 23.6% of the population is hispanic and more than 500,000 workers are employed in logistics, Florida is the third most important distribution and logistics hub in the world and one of the most economical states right now for establishing this type of business.

61,489 Florida businesses exported in 2013.  95% of these were PYMES, which exported 66%  of all goods.


Country USD Exports
Brazil 5.086.602.150
Venezuela 2.529.520.603
Hong Kong 2.382.759.451
Spain  (#42) 319.521.063

 Source: International Trade Administration, United States Department of Commerce, 2014

Notice that three of the top five countries receiving Florida exports are Latin American: Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, strengthening Latin America’s position as an important export destination. Now you can send your ocean freight to Colombia, ship containers to Brazil or ship containers to Venezuela at the best price with our new hottest freight quotes for LatAm: up to 15% cheaper!


Country USD Imports
China 12.255.662.076
Mexico 4.555.558.213
Canada 3.872.398.124
France 3.365.465.619
Spain  (#26) 836.732.489

Source: International Trade Administration, United States Department of Commerce, 2014

Currently, the U.S. maintains trade agreements with 20 countries.  These trade agreements generated $21.8 billion through exports from Florida in 2014 (37% of all exports from the state).  Since 2005, Florida’s exports to these markets have grown 72% with CAFTA-DR, Colombia, NAFTA, Peru and Panama in the lead.

With regard to Spain, bilateral imports and exports have increased considerably.  A large portion of the total foreign investment goes directly from Florida to Spain.

florida spain trade report

Florida spain trade report

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