Moving from the US to Germany

Germany is a country with rich regional diversity and much to offer to new and returning residents. The over 80 million residents and impressive quality of life attract many residents to the country. If you are one of them, the following information can help you make your move from the US to Germany a stress-free process.


How to Ship your Household Belongings to Germany?

If there are large items that you do not wish to sell, you will likely need to book an international shipment to Germany. Depending on how much you are planning to ship, you can choose between our Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipment options. FCL shipments are best suited for large items such as cars and boats, or for large quantities of smaller items. Less spacious shipments, such as household items, and even some furniture, can be shipped with LCL shipping.

iContainers even offers door-to-door service from the United States to Germany for those that do not have their own arrangements to deliver their shipment to the warehouse it will depart from. For example, for a customer who is moving a whole house and needs door-to-door service, iContainers will have a trucking company bring your container to your home for you to load it there.

If you do not need door-to-door shipping, you of course have the option to save some money and deliver your items to the warehouse on your own.

How much will it cost to ship your stuff?

Costs will vary depending on your port of departure and port of arrival. As an example, view the current costs of shipping from New York to Hamburg in Germany:

FCL shipments:

  • 20 Feet: $1,519
  • 40 Feet $1,694
  • 40 High Cube $1,694

LCL Shipments:

  • 1 CBM LCL : $353
  • 2 CBM LCL : $463
  • 5 CBM LCL : $834

Quote your specific shipment here. For additional questions or concerns, contact us.

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