Measures to Wood Packaging Material in International Trade

Do you need to ship your merchandise with wood packaging material? We give you some information you need to know beforehand!

It may happen that you need to ship agricultural or even non-agricultural products with the help of packaging material (WPO). However, though useful, this support may be a pathway for the introduction and spread of pests.

To comply with international standards, we provide below some approved measures that significantly reduce the risk of pest spread:

1. Heat treatment (HT)

In this case, wood packaging material should be heated in accordance with a specific time-temperature schedule that achieves a minimum wood core temperature of 56oC for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Kiln -drying (KD), chemical pressure impregnation (CPI), or other treatments may be considered HT treatments to the extent that these meet the HT specifications. For example, CPI may meet the HT specification through the use of steam, hot water, or dry heat.

2. Methyl bromide (MB) fumigation for wood packaging material

For this treatment, it is required a temperature of not least than less than 100C and the minimum exposure time should be 16 hours.

Besides the aforementioned WPO treatments, we provide a list of further treatments that may be approved when appropriate data becomes available:

  • Fumigation (Phosphine Sulfuryl fluoride, Carbonyl sulphide)

  • CPI (High-pressure/vacuum process, Double vacuum process, Hot and cold open tank process, Sap displacement method).

  • Irradiation (Gamma radiation, X-rays, Microwaves, Infrared,
Electron beam treatment)

  • Controlled atmosphere

We hope that this information may be of use for your shipments with WPO! In iContainers we work to improve your experience when shipping goods.


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