7 spectacular videos and infographics of icebreakers

A true shortcut for ocean freight transportation opens up between the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America after the passing of an icebreaker.

In the future, the northern sea route could become one of the most important commercial maritime routes in the world. Some experts even propose that an alternative passage to the Panama and Suez canals will account for 25% of trade between Europe and Asia by 2030.

Ocean Freight through polar routes

We’ll have to wait and see. But for now, we are delighted with a selection of videos and infographics of these powerful all-terrain ships currently plying through the glacial seas.

1. The Northern Sea Route

Do you know how many miles a ship from Rotterdam to Yokohama would save? You will find the answer in this instructive infographic that visualizes the difference between the northern route and the route that goes through the Suez Canal; in addition to its history, advantages, challenges and future prospects.

The northern sea route

Infographic via Artic Info

2. The return of an icebreaker

Check out this blast from the past from this spectacular video recorded in 1920. A crowded Port of Helsinki admires the icebreaker Tarmo’s return.

3. Challenging the Antarctic aboard of the Maersk Peary

We would love the opportunity to travel aboard an icebreaker. Until that day arrives, we can at least experience it through this interactive chronicle of Maersk Peary crossing one of the most inaccessible destinations of the world: Antarctica.

The Maersk Peary Expedition

4. Icebreaker in action

These 10 minutes of an icebreaker in action are well worth your attention.

5. How an icebreaker is made

Arktika nuclear icebreakers are the largest and most powerful in the world. This infographic shows how they are built. Fascinating! It’s a shame we can’t build one of these at home.

how an Arktika icebreaker is made

Infographic via Artic Info

6. Cross the North Pole riding atop 75,000 horses

This spectacular video takes us on a journey to the North Pole on a colossus icebreaker with 75,000 horsepower. The massive power generated by two nuclear reactors makes “50 Years of Victory” the largest and most powerful icebreaker in the world and can break through masses of ice up to 2.8 meters thick.

7. Breaking the ice with laser

Scientists at the National Laser Systems Astrofizika Centre in Russia have developed a new system that uses fiber laser and fiber optics to break the ice. In this infographic you will understand the innovation behind the SMLK (High Power Laser System Marine).

Infographic: Laser System icebreaker

Infographic by Ria Novosti via Sputnik News

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