Friday Fun Fact #4: Shipping is a greener form of transport than trucks and planes

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Hello and welcome to our fourth post on shipping fun facts! We’ve told you that the largest ships can cost over $200 million to construct and that only 2% to 10% of all containers are actually inspected! Fascinated? Keep on reading because this time, we’re going green!

Green shipping

Shipping is the main form of global transport – contributing to 90% of world tradePlanes and trucks also form a big part of the global logistics sector. But many companies, including Dell, have made the switch from air to sea due to its detrimental impact on the environment.

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Even as it’s relatively greener than trucks and planes, it is not to say that its emissions need not be regulated. For years, if not decades now, environmentalists have been fighting for the regulation of shipping emissions. In the EU, shipping is the only transport sector not included in its Emissions Trading System. More recently, the International Maritime Organization agreed to implement a 0.5% sulfur cap on shipping emissions by 2020.

Slowly but surely, we’re seeing changes. Let’s just hope that it won’t be too late.

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