Regulations on Ocean Freight Shipments to Brazil

Shipping an ocean freight cargo to Brazil can be a difficult process, requiring immense scrutiny to avoid fines or seizures of your cargo. However, iContainers provides expert assistance with the customs clearance process at Brazilian ports, so you don’t have to know all the regulations in order to export and import goods to and from Brazil.


Having all the correct documents and the proper information included on those documents is crucial to avoid troubles with Brazilian customs. All commercial documents must bear the importer’s tax identification number. In addition to this, all commercial invoices, pro-forma invoices, Bill of lading (B/Ls) and Air Way Bills (AWS) for US exports’ shipments to any ports in Brazil must have the full eight-digit product tariff classification (MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature) in addition to the tax identification number. Three signed copies of the commercial invoice and the packing list are required to be presented to the Brazilian consignee and the consignee’s forwarder, agent or customs broker. The certificate of origin may be requested by the consignee, in which case three copies will be required.

Customs requires specific wording of the package type on the Bill of Lading. Failure to comply with this could result in a fine of approximately $3000. This ocean Bill of Lading information is required 72 hours before the steam liner with your export arrives at the first Brazilian port.

All international shipping must also be registered with SISCOMEX (Sistema de Comercio Exterior), which is a computerized registration system. The system will advise particular requirements and procedures needed for each commodity.


Prohibited goods include unlicensed drugs, agrochemical products not authorized under Brazilian regulations, weapons and pleasure boats valued at over $3500. Imports that are severely restricted include used machinery, computer equipment and parts, automobiles, clothes as well as many consumer goods.
Product packaging on goods must be in Portuguese or have a Portuguese translation as well as measurements in metric units.

Keeping these things in mind, you should have no trouble shipping to Brazil to its main ports such as Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Itajai or others. Especially when you choose to use iContainers as your online freight forwarder, giving you a quick LCL or FCL rate. Get a free instant quote using our online search engine today!

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