A freight forwarder reinvented with technology

iContainers is the cutting edge web platform with which importers exporters compare rates in real time and manage their maritime shipments quickly and easily from beginning to end.

The technology at iContainers makes it possible to book commercial shipments in just a few minutes without having to wait days or weeks for a quote.

A team of online logistics experts

Successfully managing the complex chain of international transport does not only require technology, but also a large team of logistics professionals.

They are on the other side of the platform, advising and managing each shipment in order to guarantee that it is cost effective, safe and efficient.

Roberto Laurino

Roberto Laurino
Director of Global Business Development

Laura Roldan

Laura Roldan
Global Pricing Manager

Sebastiaan Janssens

Sebastiaan Janssens
Sales Consultant

The story: an innovative solution to the problems of a stagnant industry

iContainers was created by Carlos and Iván, two young men who worked in a family-owned customs agency, after losing a customer as a result of not being able to provide several instant quotes at the end of 2007. This is a common problem in the world of freight forwarding.

They wondered why technology had automated booking the transport of passengers but not goods. And in 2008 iContainers was founded with a clear mission: to bring international trade to any company, regardless of its importing or exporting experience, size or geographical location.

Founders of iContainers: Iván Tintoré and Carlos Hernández

Iván Tintoré and Carlos Hernández, founders of iContainers