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Netherlands as a shipping hub

The Netherlands is home to the largest and busiest in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam. So it goes without saying it’s a major shipping destination for transporting goods to the US and to other European destinations. Within the last year, there were over 1 million shipments to the Rotterdam port alone.

A lot of planning for your ocean freight is needed when shipping to any of the country’s ports. Compared to many countries, there are reasonable ocean freight regulations by Dutch customs, but it still requires strict attention. With Netherlands trade being the main support system for the economy, planning a shipment far in advance is recommended.

According to research carried out by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, the Netherlands earns roughly 33% of its income from the export of goods and services. More than half of the goods entering the Netherlands are either in transit or re-exported. Re-exports means the goods are temporarily under Dutch ownership and must go under minimal processing.

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Shipping from the US to Netherlands is up 1.6% in the last year alone. The top imported goods to Netherlands are machinery, mineral fuels and oils, electric/electronic equipment, and beverages or vinegar. When importing goods into the Netherlands, a VAT deferral may apply, providing a substantial cash flow advantage to companies. A VAT, or value-added tax, is known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST). VAT comes into play in the Netherlands when goods are purchased.

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You should check what documentation is required for import into your destination country. It’s important to research what is banned for import into the Netherlands. For a complete list, visit Netherlands’ official customs website.

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