Parties Involved in Shipping Overseas

Our job is to make international shipping a simple and efficient process for you. Whether you are shipping household goods or company equipment, we work hard to make sure your shipping experience is as successful as possible. In order to help you understand the shipping process, it is important that you are familiar with the various parties involved in the international freight shipping process.

Parties Involved in Shipping Overseas

The Shipper 

In other words, you. The shipper is the first participant in the shipping process as he or she will reach out to a freight forwarder in order to ship goods overseas.

The Freight Forwarder 

This one is us. We arrange transportation of your goods on your behalf, and organize your entire shipping process.

The Carrier 

The Carrier actually transports your goods.


This party appears on your bill of lading and will be the party of contact throughout the shipping process. In addition, they will receive the shipment upon delivery.

For any further questions about the shipping process, please continue browsing our website for more information. Be sure to check out our FAQ section. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by calling, emailing, or chatting with us.

Parties Involved in Shipping Overseas

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