To provide iContainers USA Services, we store cookies on your browser. Below, you can find more information about the cookies that we use. The cookies we use include session cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which stay on your browser until they expire or you delete them. We occasionally make changes, so the specific cookies we’re using may vary from what’s described below.


Technical cookies:

cookies that allow user to browse our Website, such as controlling data traffic and communication, identifying the session, remembering the items added to their cart, completing the payment process, managing payment, controlling any fraud linked to service security, completing event sign up or participation requests, etc.

Cookie Name Expiration Time Description Owner
IC_X_AUTH_TOKEN 1 day Manage user sessions
logout 1 day Invalidate user sessions
auth.icontainers 365 days Manage user sessions with owner as well as sub domains of owner
icon.hashtemp 365 days Provide user information

Personalization cookies

cookies that allow to remember information, so that users may access the service under certain conditions that distinguish their experience from that of other users, such as the language, the number of search results to be displayed, the aspect or contents of the service depending on the browser though which or the region from which it is accessed, etc.

Cookie Name Expiration Time Description Owner
userCountryIsocode 10 days User region prediction
id_lang 365 days Website content language for user
branch 365 days Manage user signup. Manage auto fill of quotation data.

Analytics cookies

allow us to know the total number of users visiting our Website and which parts are most popular. Thus, we are able to obtain information that can help us improve browsing and provide a better service to users and customers. These types of cookies allow us to improve usability and experience when using our Website.

Cookie Name Expiration Time Description Owner
eBook 1 day Manage banners of ebooks
icon.campaign 15 days Identify the campaign
icon.wid 15 days Identify the third party icon widget
cookiePolicyTracker 365 days Decide that cookie should be stored or not
icon.has 365 days User tracking
iConVisitorID 365 days Unique visitor Identifier

Behavioral advertising cookies

our Website do not use this type of cookies.


Cookie Name Description Owner
icsource Information forwarding/redirecting from site to iContainers
X-SAVED-SEARCH-PARAM Autofill user search in iContainers
CURRENT_BOOKING_ID Identifying the booking process session
MY_BOOKINGLIST[field-input-id] Remembering the filetered search criteria from user booking list
MY_QUOTESLIST[field-input-id] Remembering the filetered search criteria from saved quote list
schedules_[ quote uniqe id] Remembering schedules of quote to load fast for next similar call or page refresh
gri_[quote uniqe id] Remembering GRI for the selected route