Ocean Freight

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Our search engine gives you instant real-time quotes and all the relevant info (transit time and estimated time of departure) for your ocean freight shipments with multiple carriers. You can also book your shipment online and use our tools to get all the documentation and track your freight.

Ocean freight is the most widely used method of transportation for international trade operations and agglutinates more than 80% of international trade cargo. Ocean freight allows exporters to make large shipments amounts of cargo at a very competitive cost.

Shipping Containers

Ocean freight transportation is generally done using shipping containers. Exporters can choose between two services: FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than a Container Load). By choosing the first, exporters have at their disposal a full shipping container to load it the way they want. By choosing the latter, exporters will share the space of a container with cargo from other exporters.

There are different kinds of shipping containers. The most widely used containers are the Standard 20′, the Standard 40′ and the Standard 40′ High Cube. These containers allow loading volumes between 1,000 and 2,500 cubic feet (30-70 cubic meters) and loading weight up to 24 tons.

Besides, there are other types of containers (Open Top, Flat Rack, Reefer…). iContainers does not offer rates for these kind of containers.

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