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          Ocean Freight to Uruguay

          Ocean freight to Uruguay will provide you with access to a growing market. Uruguay’s GDP is over 56 billion USD and its economy has been gradually liberalized. This fact is backed up by the huge increase in imports, which currently stand at 12 billion USD. Uruguay’s economy has been diversified significantly during the last decades, and although agriculture still remains as an important source of income, the mining industry, tourism and surprisingly the software industry have been deeply developed, guaranteeing a promising future for Uruguay.

          Uruguay’s recent improvements regarding financial and legal stability have made the country more reliable and trust worthy for foreign investors, as well as for export companies. This fact makes ocean freight to Uruguay a very attractive market.

          Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Container Load (LCL)

          Before booking an ocean freight to Uruguay, you need to decide on whether you will need a full container (FCL) or if you only need just part of a container: in that case you will book a (LCL).
          The LCL means sharing the space of one container with other clients. This normally means that the booking price will be determine by the volume and weight of your shipment. Normally a LCL is cheaper than booking a FCL. If you think that the volume of the merchandise shipped will not reach the half of the capacity of the container, LCL will always be the cheapest alternative.
          However, if you are thinking about shipping 6 or 12 standard pallets, the best option would be booking your own 20 or 40 ft container, with a storage capacity to hold 6 and 12 pallets respectively. If the features of your load require special treatment or at least not getting in contact with other merchant’s goods, we will always recommend the FCL service. In addition, it is not necessary to fully load the container. Once you book a full container, it is up to you how much of its capacity you will use.
          Take a look at our rates to find the option that best matches your service so that it cover all the guarantees when shipping a container to Uruguay.

          Shipping routes to Uruguay

          With nearly 10,000 billion in agricultural products and livestock exports, as well as 12,000 million in oil, cars, mobile phones and other consumer goods imports, Uruguay has consolidated the port of Montevideo as one of the top Ports in this region.

          • Port of Montevideo

          The recent opening of Pier C of the Port of Montevideo has given the port a total length of 4500 meters and more than 110 hectares destined to port operations. Some docks even have their own rail connections. The terminal Cuenca de la Plata (TCP) stands out for its advanced equipment, which makes it the most developed facility of the entire region.
          The ANP (National Port Authority) and the Public Administration are trying to turn the port into a symbol of its booming economy, by constantly building and expanding their facilities, in order to overcome the 250,000 annual movements of containers the port in the last years.

          Shipping prices to Uruguay

          An average ocean shipment to Uruguay ranges from 1,275USD for a 20 ft containers € to 1,576USD for a 40 ft container. But please, use our calculator to obtain the latest rates for all our routes. We have more than 50,000 rates online.