A guide to ocean freight transit times and avoiding delays

Getting cargo shipped from one country to another may seem like an arduous and challenging task, and even more with the current COVID19 situation. There are so many things that can push back transit times and cause shipment delays.

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Did you know?

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    Approximately one out of every four vessels arrive more than 24 hours after its estimated arrival time.

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    The late arrival of cargo vessels is often beyond the control of shippers but there are ways to avoid it.

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    Cargo traveling on transshipment routes face a much higher risk of delay than cargo getting shipped directly to the port of destination.

What’s in this guide?

There are so many aspects to consider to ensure an absolutely seamless shipment that it can be extremely overwhelming. As a shipper, regardless of how well you may have prepared your shipment, it’s common to still face hold ups in transit times.

In this guide, we’ll break down the causes of shipment delays, the different types of delay fees, and provide tips on what you can and should do as a shipper to avoid lengthy transit times that can disrupt your supply chain.