The Republic of Ireland is a sovereign state in northwestern Europe that occupies about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin, which is located in the eastern part of the island; its metropolitan area is home to around a third of the country’s population of 4.6 million. It’s a smart move to export from the US to Ireland.


The economy of Ireland is a modern knowledge economy, focusing on services and high-tech industries and dependent on trade, industry and investment. In terms of GDP per capita, Ireland is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD. The country features a low corporation tax, currently at a 12.5 percent standard rate.

The Irish economy began to recover from the global recession in 2014, growing by 4.8 percent that year, making Ireland the fastest-growing economy in the European Union. As Irish seaports handle 99.5 percent of Irish foreign trade (by volume), you should learn more about how to export from the US to Ireland.