Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city, lying on the river Elbe. Over five million people live in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Hamburg is a media and industry center, and also a key transport hub. Much of the city’s population is affluent, and its port is one of the world’s most important. If you are an importer, you will want to learn about the many benefits of starting to import from Hamburg to the US.

Hamburg has been one of northern Europe’s most important commercial centers for centuries, and it is the most important banking city in northern Germany. Hamburg became the fastest-growing port in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Many consulates are also located in Hamburg because of the city’s importance as a hub for international trade. The city’s heavy industry is dominated by the manufacture of copper, steel, and aluminum, as well as by ship-building.

Metropolitan Hamburg features business-friendly policies, strong purchasing power, and a high-quality pool of potential employees. All entrepreneurs interested in the European market should want to learn more about how to import from Hamburg to the US.