Why import hardware from Taiwan?

After the economic crisis of 2008, the home-improvement sector in the US was slow to recover in the wake of depressed housing prices. Now, however, it is rallying, with do-it-yourself products and programs leading the way for those seeking to remodel their homes. This is good news for those opting to import hardware from Taiwan to the US.
Residential renovation is an almost $300 billion industry in the United States. In 2012, U.S. improvement and repair expenditure amounted to an estimated $284 billion dollars; in 2014, home improvement stores in the United States generated revenue of about $144 billion dollars. This accounts for about 1.8 percent of the country’s overall economic activity.
You may be surprised to learn that Taiwan is among the world’s top twenty exporting nations-and nearly 90 percent of Taiwan’s exports are to North America and Europe. Industrial products represent the vast majority of Taiwan’s exports, with heavy industrial goods enjoying double-digit growth over the past few years.The most-exported items overall have been electronics, optical devices, iron and steel, machinery, chemical products, and electrical equipment. If you’re looking to import hardware to the US, you should consider Taiwan as a source market.

Business opportunities in the hardware sector in international markets

As the US economy continues to rebound from the recession, many people are choosing to remodel their homes rather than move. This has implications for sellers of hardware and DIY outlets in the US at a national level. As housing prices recover and rise, and as new industry niches emerge, investment in home improvements is likely to rise as well.
If you are interested in importing hardware from Taiwan to the US, we recommend that you consult iContainers regarding customs questions. You’ll be glad to know that iContainers has a dedicated agent based in Taiwan with broad knowledge of the market.

Door-to-door service to import hardware from Taiwan to the US

In order to ensure complete control over the conditions of the shipment of your goods, and guarantee their arrival in perfect condition, iContainers offers door-to-door service from Taiwan to the US, which includes the following:

  • Get online quotes and instant reservations for container transport for your goods just by providing your shipment’s pickup address (note that Taiwan does not use zip codes) and the zip code for its final destination. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we are the only business to offer this type of service.
  • Pickup of goods at the indicated address, and timely transport to the port from which they will be shipped.
  • Shipment of the goods to the indicated port in the US.
  • Management of customs clearance (excluding fees and duties).
  • Transport of your merchandise from the port of destination in the US to the indicated final address.

You can get an instant quote using the iContainers calculator; by calling us at +13059648731; or by emailing us at business@icontainers.com.

Transit times for maritime transport

Shipping times for maritime transport of goods to the US vary considerably, depending on destination. Transport from Latin America via the Pacific and via the South Atlantic and Caribbean may take between 6 and 58 days; international transport from Europe from the East Coast and West Coast varies between 16 and 58 days (in the case of the UK, between 8 and 39 days); both northern and South Africa require between 31 and 82 days respectively; the Middle East requires 54 days; and transport from China requires between 14 and 50 days.
You should also factor in possible delays caused by unforeseen incidents, as well as time for customs clearance-because of which it’s always wise to plan to allow three months for shipping.

Full container load (FCL) or groupage (LCL)

Most goods that are moved via maritime transport are shipped in containers of either 20 or 40 square feet. A 20-foot container has a capacity of 10 standard pallets or 39 cubic yards, while a 40-foot container can hold 22 such pallets, or nearly 75.5 cubic yards.
You may opt for a full container load (FCL), or you may wish to share a container through groupage (LCL).
FCL is ideal if you wish to isolate your goods from those of other importers, and is also the most economical option if you’re shipping more than five standard pallets. Groupage-also known as a less-than-container load-is more appropriate in most other cases.

Main ports of origin for imports of hardware products from Taiwan

  • Port of Kaohsiung: This is Taiwan’s largest port, and is located in the north of the country.
  • Port of Keelung: This is the container port for Taipei, the country’s capital, and is one of the most important container ports in Asia.
  • Port of Taichung: This port also contains a zone for fishing development, as well as vast facilities for international-trade traffic.

Air transport for imports of hardware from Taiwan to the US

If your deadlines are very tight, whether because of high stock turnover or clients’demands, air transport may be the best option for you. Although air transport does mean moving a lower volume of goods at a higher price, it reduces shipping times dramatically.