The Ultimate International Moving Guide

Are you preparing an international move? You probably don't know where to start, and you may have a thousand questions to solve. Get our complete guide and make your move easy. You are one step closer to your new home!

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Did you know?

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    An incorrect packaging of your furniture or personal belongings can lead to irreversible damage during the transport.

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    Correctly filling out documents can save you unforeseen costs or withholding your goods from customs.

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    Cars are the most restricted moving element, changing requirements from country to country. It is crucial to know the specific legislation of the destination country.

What will you find in this removal guide?

International removals are complex processes since it is necessary to take into account many factors at the same time. You will have to make decisions, carry out proper planning, and understand all the elements that are part of a shipment of these characteristics.

In this guide:

  • We help you understand all the parties involved in an international move and its role.
  • We will tell you in detail what transportation options exist and which one best suits your situation.
  • Tips to prepare your furniture and fixtures for international shipping.
  • Documentation necessary for your international move and how to avoid the most typical mistakes.