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Ocean Freight to Greece

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Ocean Freight Shipping to Greece

Greece is one of the 100 most important economies in the world, making imports for more than 52 billion dollars during 2017. Its location, in the Mediterranean Sea, and between Western and Eastern Europe, make it a key point of International Trade.

It is an exciting destination to export since its membership in the European Union includes it in various trade agreements. Its imports include medicines, metals (such as aluminum or steel), and meat products.

By proximity and relationship, its first commercial ties are with countries such as Italy, Germany, or Turkey, also highlighting, but to a lesser extent, the United States, China, or Egypt.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Greece

Ship your merchandise to Greece in a full container (FCL) or a shared container/groupage (LCL) according to your needs.

The complete container option is perfect if you need a large volume of space, more significant than six pallets, or if your merchandise cannot go in the same area as third-party shipping. Also, you can choose between a 20-foot container (up to 10 pallets) or a 40-foot container (up to 21 pallets).

If you do not need extra security and your cargo is not very large, you can choose to send LCL or groupage, paying only for the space required for your merchandise.

Ocean Freight Ports in Greece

Port of Piraeus

Ship container to Piraeus

Our ocean freight services to Greece


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