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Ocean Freight to New Zealand

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Ocean freight shipping to New Zealand

New Zealand’s strong economy boils down to its openness to global trade and commitment to economic freedom. Offering one of the best environments for entrepreneurs, ocean freight to New Zealand is an extremely popular option for those looking to do trade with the Kiwis.

More than half of its $35.7 billion worth of imported goods come from Asia, with the bulk of it from China (20%). Its top imported products are machines, transportation goods such as cars, and mineral products.

New Zealand does a lot of exportation to Asia, with nearly half of its exported goods destined for the neighboring continent. Given its immense farming industry, it comes as no surprise that animal products such as milk, butter, and cheese form 42.7% of its $35.8 billion exports.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to New Zealand

When considering ocean freight to New Zealand, one important decision to factor in is whether to ship a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than a Container Load (LCL). The two most common types of container that shippers use when dealing with ocean freight to New Zealand are the 20-foot container and the 40-foot container.

Deciding to ship FCL or LCL would largely depend on the amount of cargo you have and the amount of space it would take in whichever container you opt for. A 20-foot container holds 10 standard American pallets and a 40-foot container holds 21. For measurement purposes, a standard American pallet measures 47.24 inches by 39.37 inches.

That said, if you’re sending cargo that’s sensitive to damage and contamination or if your merchandise will be taking up more than half the container space, you should opt for an FCL. That way, you have the entire container space to yourself and it lowers the risk of damage and contamination.

On the other hand, if your cargo is resistant to damages and contamination and it doesn’t take up that much space. It would be recommendable to choose LCL as it is more cost effective.

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Ocean freight ports in New Zealand

Port of Tauranga

The Port of Tauranga is the busiest port in New Zealand in terms of container throughput and total cargo volume. It sits in a natural harbor and is very well-protected by neighboring mountains. The port has a total of 15 berths.

In 2018, the port announced record numbers, registering an increase of 8.9% in container volumes to nearly 1.2 million TEUs and overall cargo volumes by 10.2% to almost 24.5 million tonnes.

Ship container to Tauranga

Port of Auckland

The Port of Auckland is an international port located on New Zealand’s Waitemata Harbor. It is the country’s largest port and very popular with cruise ships. Almost 75 percent of cargo arriving at the port goes to Auckland.

Ship container to Auckland

Our ocean freight services to New Zealand

We provide affordable and quick ocean freight services to New Zealand from a many ports located all over the world. These include those in:

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  • Taiwan
  • UAE

What our ocean freight rates to New Zealand include


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