Shipping containers to America

Do you want to ship a container of goods to America? Thanks to iContainers, you can send your shipment via ocean freight in a full (FCL) or shared (LCL or groupage) container. Thanks to our online quote generator, you can get the best rates for sending containers to America. Book in a few clicks and track your goods transparently without any middlemen.

How much does it cost to ship a container to or from America?

Exporting to America:

Houston - Buenos Aires

From 615 $

NEW YORK - Buenos Aires

From 687 $

Miami - Veracruz

From 1,664 $

Madrid - Miami

From 4,836 $

Valencia - Miami

From 4,849 $

Algeciras - Miami

From 4,739 $

The route on which most TEUs are transported is the one that links Asia to America. Below is a breakdown of the most important routes for transporting goods to or from America:

Top trade routes from / to America (TEU shipped) 2013
Route West Bound East Bound North Bound South Bound TOTAL
Asia - North America 7,739,000 15,386,000 - - 23,125,000
North Europe - North America 2,636,000 2,074,000 - - 4,710,000
Asia - East Coast South America - - 621,000 1,510,000 2,131,000
North Europe/Mediterranean-East Coast South America - - 795,000 885,000 1,680,000
North America - East Coast South America - - 656,000 650,000 1,306,000

Source: Trade Routes - World Shipping Council

This is the breakdown of services provided for shipping routes whose origin or destination is America. The Far East – North American route is the one with the most services:

Far East - North America 73
North Europe - North America 23
Mediterranean - North America 21
North America - Mid-East/South Asia 10
East Coast South America 26
West Coast South America 48

Note: Some services might have been counted for more than one route.

Source: Drewry Container Forecaster Q1 & Q2 2013

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Which American ports are specialised in containers?

Of the 100 most important ports for handling containers, 24 are located in America:

18 Los Angeles United States 8340,06565
20 Long Beach United States 6820,808
24 New York/New Jersey United States 5772,303
36 Santos Brazil 3685
37 Santos Brazil 3684,845
40 Seattle/Tacoma Seaport Alliance United States 3456,161
43 Savannah United States 3346,048
44 Balboa Panama 3236,355
45 Balboa Panama 3236
50 Metro Port Vancouver Canada 2912,9
57 Colon Panama 2564,102
60 Oakland United States 2394,069
61 Hampton Roads United States 2393,0395
62 Cartagena Colombia 2385,542
64 Manzanillo Mexico 2368,741
71 Cartagena Colombia 2211
77 Callao Peru 1992
78 Houston United States 1951,088
80 Charleston United States 1791,97725
84 Guayaquil Ecuador 1621,381
85 Kingston Jamaica 1607,122
92 Montreal Canada 1402,393
93 Buenos Aires Argentina 1400,76
94 San Juan Puerto Rico 1320

Source: Top 100 ports in the world 2014 - World Shipping Council

Necessary documentation for sending containers to America

If you would like to know which documents you must prepare before sending a container to America, consult ICEX’s webpage for country-specific information (webpage in Spanish). For more information, do not hesitate to contact our exportation experts at iContainers.

Do not forget to select the Incoterm that you are going to use when sending your goods to America.

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