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2015 holiday season infographic: Interesting logistics facts

Updated on 28 Dec 2023
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Monday Dec 21st is expected to bethe busiest shipping day in the United States . More than 30 million packages, cards, and letters, are expected to be delivered on that day by USPS; that’s a big number. Santa is going to be especially busy this year. How do people buy their presents? Most of them, online, of course.

More than half of holiday shoppers will turn to their mobile phones to get their holiday shopping done during free moments throughout the day. $105 billion is the magical number online sales are expected to hit this season. Are you interested in learning more about some interesting logistics facts during this 2015 holiday season? Check out this infographic:


Logistics play a key role in achieving success during the hectic holiday season, as well as finding the right transportation partners to move merchandise securely and efficiently from point of origin to point of sale. iContainers, the leading online freight forwarder, is pleased to be Santa’s official logistics partner. We offer ocean freight transportation to China (Shangai and Shenzhen), and ship containers to Singapore , the top three world container ports. In fact, we cover over 100,000 trade routes.

Star Wars, dinosaurs, drones and legos are the trending toys of the season. All of them are manufactured and ready for sale as early as July. Learn more about the journey of your toys.

There is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes. The holiday season is a busy time for manufacturers, retailers and distribution centers as they face unique challenges to meet peaking consumer demand.

iContainers is a fully-licensed online freight forwarder that aggregates freight rates for over 100,000 trade routes to more than 300 destinations, including South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. iContainers is an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, Ocean Freight Forwarder, a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), registered, licensed, and bonded at the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Empresas Transitarias (FETEIA), and the Asociación de Transitarios Internacionales de Barcelona (ATEIA).

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iContainers is a digital freight forwarder based in Barcelona that assists thousands of companies and families around the globe in moving their merchandise internationally.

Our online freight quoting platform has the latest technology in the sector and simplifies ocean freight, quoting and managing your bookings from the same user area.

We are part of the Agility group, and we work side by side with Shipa Freight to fully cover the demands of our customers.

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