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Moving overseas to the Dominican Republic

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Moving overseas to the Dominican Republic

If you’ve done your research about Caribbean life and are sure that you want to move to the Dominican Republic, congratulations. The first step in your big adventure would be to get a quote for your ocean freight shipment for sending your personal belongings to the Dominican Republic.

With so many things to consider, moving overseas is never easy. Make sure to give our guide on international moves a read to find out more about the general rules you need to abide by to avoid hiccups when you’re moving to the Dominican Republic.

Door-to-Door shipping to the Dominican Republic

At iContainers, we offer Door-to-Door shipping to the Dominican Republic to help with your move to the Dominican Republic. This reduces intermediaries and you get all your personal belongings delivered right to your doorstep in the Dominican Republic.


With our Door-to-Door service to the Dominican Republic, you’ll enjoy transparent prices, 24⁄7 tracking with our Track & Trace service so you can keep an eye on your personal belongings anytime you want, and automated notification systems to inform you anytime there’s a change in your shipment status.

We provide Door-to-Door services for your move to the Dominican Republic as long as you’re moving from any of the following places:

  • United States
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates

For more information on what our Door-to-Door shipping rates to the Dominican Republic include, you may take a look at our pricing guide.

Paperwork needed for moving to the Dominican Republic

It’s extremely important to get acquainted with all the paperwork and documents you’re going to need right off the bat so you have sufficient cushion time to prepare for your international move to the Dominican Republic.

According to Dominican Republic’s laws, your household goods may be eligible for exemption benefits if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. Dominicans, who are moving to the Dominican Republic for definitive residence in the Dominican Republic, after having lived overseas a period of two years or more. This applies to Dominican residents or citizens with double nationality. Note: You must not have lived in the Dominican Republic for over an accumulated period for more than six months during the two years or more.

  2. Dominican students, who have performed after their studies abroad for a period of two years or more (original and a copy of your degree, certificate or diploma of the university education obtained overseas must be presented)

  3. Foreigners who have obtained residence permit in the Dominican Republic

Here is the complete list of requirements and documents needed*.

Moving to the Dominican Republic with your car

If you would like to bring your car with you for your international move to the Dominican Republic, there are certain things to take note of in order to obtain partial exemption from taxes to vehicles.

Besides the above-mentioned paperwork, you will also need to produce the following:

  • Original titles (and copies) to demonstrate ownership of vehicle (the time period during which you have owned this vehicle must not be less than one year)

  • Vehicle registration papers (if you have owned the car for less than one year)

  • Original Bill of Lading issued to the vehicle owner. This must be typed and, sealed, and signed by the tax office. Three copies must be presented.

  • Vehicle’s tax settlements sheets obtained, typed, printed, sealed, and signed by the tax office. One copy is needed.

You may find the list of requirements for obtain partial exoneration of vehicle taxes here*.

Do also read our guides on how to load a car into a container and exporting auto shipments from the US.

*(30/11/2017): These documents are for informational purposes only. The information is of a general nature and non-binding. If in doubt, please consult your customs office.

Shipping FCL or LCL to the Dominican Republic

When moving to the Dominican Republic, you must also keep in mind the size of your shipment. That is, the amount of household goods you’ll be taking with you. This helps you determine whether you’ll need to hire a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL).

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