iContainers launches automated notifications

iContainers launches automated notifications

iContainers is proud to announce the launch of our new automated notifications feature!

As a shipper, iContainers’ proactive notifications system allows you to receive updates of their shipments in a fret-free manner. Forget the calling, forget the constant checking of any updates. Our automated notifications will notify you automatically as soon as there’s a change in your shipment status!

How does iContainers’ automated notifications system work?

Has your container been picked up? Has it been loaded onto the vessel? Did it clear customs? Perhaps there’s been a delay in the sail date. But how would you know? With our proactive notifications system, you no longer have to log in to your account to check on the status of your cargo. You can also drop the phone calls to your freight forwarder and/or shipping carrier. iContainers’ notification system provides shippers with the liberty to make informed logistical decisions based on real-time updates of their shipment status.

Every ocean freight shipment has a process, which involves milestones. These include picking up the container, loading them onto the vessel, vessel departure, right up till you receive your merchandise in hand. The beauty of iContainers’ new notification system comes in the form of automation. As soon as your cargo reaches one of these milestones, you will receive an email notification – immediately and automatically.

“Such information is vital to shippers. Previously, they would have to call the shipping carrier or their freight forwarder, or enter their online tracking code to obtain their shipment status. This is exactly what we’re eliminating. iContainers’ automated notifications system gives shippers a peace of mind by informing them what they need to know at the right time. > > – iContainers co-founder and president Iván Tintoré

Here’s how our new notifications system will benefit you as a shipper:

  1. Receive instant notifications automatically. Get the latest status of your merchandise every time it reaches a milestone.
  2. Have more control over your supply chain. With the instant real-time cargo information, you can better manage your merchandise, stocks, and production plans.
  3. No more phone calls or emails. Real-time updates and notifications right to your email. You don’t have to call your freight forwarder or shipping line.
  4. Get transparency with regards to your ocean freight shipment. There’s no hiding anything. Our automated system will send you an email at each and every juncture.

iContainers’ commitment

The proactive automated notification system serves as a digital complement to our Track & Trace feature, which allows shippers to pinpoint the exact location of their cargo 24 / 7. Having just launched Track & Trace less than two months ago, the new automated feature is surely a testament to iContainers’ commitment to providing the best for our clients.

At iContainers, we are constantly working on using technology to provide efficiency and transparency for our clients. That said, we’re also working on more features such as SMS and app push notifications. These will complement the automated notifications system and we will launch those in the coming months.

Do keep an eye out on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to discover our latest product launches!

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Klaus Lydsal, vice president of operations at iContainers