Your guide to shipping to and from Asia

Importing from China, India, or Vietnam? Exporting to Asia? Conducting trade with Asian countries can be particularly lucrative, but it comes with its own risks. To reduce them, there are key processes and documents every shipper should know about.

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Did you know?

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    The best Incoterm for your shipment to and from Asia depends on whether you are the importer or the exporter.

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    While there are documents that are required for all shipments, specific documents are often required depending on cargo destination and type.

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    Customs duties play an important role in your international shipment. How they're determined and calculated varies from country to country.

What’s in this guide?

Despite the logistical complexities involved, there are countless benefits that can be reaped from doing trade with Asia.

In this guide, we will equip you with essential knowledge needed to manage your international shipments to and from Asia, with a focus on trade lanes to and from Spain and the United States. We’ll dive deep into the following aspects:

  • Transit times from and to Asia
  • Main destinations in China, India, and Vietnam
  • Recommended Incoterms: pros & cons
  • Ocean freight documents
  • Customs duties