The Kingdom of Belgium, centred in a heavily industrialized region of Europe, has a strongly globalized economy, with a high GNP and high per-capita exports. If you’re an exporter, it’s worth your while to learn more about how to export from the US to Belgium. The country is ranked among the top twenty trading nations in the world. Its major exports include oil, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and diamonds.


The country has a well-developed transportation network, and a diverse commercial and industrial base. It is also heavily reliant on imports, as it requires a large number of raw materials. Antwerp, Belgium’s most populous city, is the country’s economic heart, with the diamond trade and the chemical industry both prominent. Antwerp is also an important centre of culture and tourism.

Foreign trade accounts for almost 70 percent of Belgium’s economy, and its largest trading partners are the EU and the US. This makes the decision to export from the US to Belgium a smart one.