Colombia is an upper middle-income economy, and Latin America’s fourth-largest economy measured by GDP. Petroleum is Colombia’s main export. The country’s principal trading partners are the US, China, the European Union, and some Latin American countries. Meanwhile, the US is the source of almost a quarter of Colombia’s imports. To export from the US to Colombia makes excellent business sense.


The country is also rich in natural resources, and its other main exports include mineral fuels, distillation products, and precious stones (Colombia is known as an important global source of emeralds), while over 70 percent of cut flowers imported by the United States are Colombian.

Colombia’s financial sector has grown favorably due to good liquidity in the economy, the growth of credit, and due in general to the positive performance of the Colombian economy. Colombia is also the best place for doing business in Latin America, according to the World Bank. It’s worth any exporter’s while to learn more about how to export from the US to Colombia.