Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, home to nearly 16 million people. It is also the largest economy in Central America, and is undergoing a process of sustained expansion and development that makes it a focus of interest. Learn more about how to export from the US to Guatemala.

The country’s service sector accounts for over 60 percent of its GDP; industry and agriculture are also important here. Mining is vital and varied, with silver, gold, cobalt, zinc and nickel all featuring prominently. About 40 percent of Guatemala’s exports are from the agricultural sector, in which almost half of the country’s labor force is employed.

Guatemala imports a great deal of clothing from the US, along with commodities such as fruit, gold, coffee, sugar, and petroleum products. The US is Guatemala’s biggest foreign investor, and the country’s most important trading partner in terms of both imports and exports. The country represents a potentially huge market that is just beginning to explore its potential; it’s worth your while to learn the ins and outs of how to export from the US to Guatemala.