Italy is one of the world’s most industrialized countries, and a leader in world trade and exports. It is highly developed, with a very high quality of life. Italy’s economy is among the Eurozone’s top five. The country is a founding member of the Eurozone, the OECD, and the G7 and G8. If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll want to learn more about how to export from the US to Italy.

The recent global economic crisis has not greatly affected Italy’s GDP, and the country remains well-known for its creative and innovative business sector. It has a large and competitive agricultural sector as well, and is the world’s largest producer of wine producer. Italy automobile, machinery, food, design and fashion industries are renowned and influential. Italy is the world’s sixth largest manufacturing country, and among its top-ten exporters.

The US is Italy’s third-largest trading partner. A huge market, and huge opportunity, awaits those seeking to export from the US to Italy.