Qingdao is a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China. Qingdao is a major industrial center. In 2007, it was ranked among China’s top ten cities by the Chinese Cities Brand Value Report. It is also home to a major port-meaning that to export from the US to Qingdao is to introduce your business to a vast and growing market in China.

Qingdao has seen rapid development. With an annual growth rate of 18.9 percent in 2006, the city’s GDP reached $42.3 billion, ranking first in Shandong Province and tenth out of China’s top 20 cities. In the same year, Qingdao was also ranked one of six “golden cities” by the World Bank.

China is a rapidly changing and developing market that is increasingly open to and eager for foreign trade and investment. As one of the country’s premier ports, Qingdao is a key location for exporters. Learn more about how to export from the US to Qingdao.