The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the second-largest oil producer and largest oil exporter in the world. It also controls the world’s second-largest hydrocarbon reserves. Saudi Arabia is Western Asia’s largest Arab state, and occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula; geographically, it is the Arab world’s second-largest country. While the country is rich in oil, its desert geography dictates that it must import many commodities; if you’re an exporter, it thus makes good sense to export from the US to Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country to be part of the G-20, and is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO); it is highly developed, and is considered a high-income country. Saudi Arabia’s major imports include vehicles, refined petroleum, and packaged pharmaceuticals, and its three major trading partners are China, the US, and Germany. The kingdom?s increasing openness and highly developed economic profile mean that many entrepreneurs are interested in knowing more about how to export from the US to Saudi Arabia.