Shenzhen is a major city in China’s Guangdong Province. Situated immediately north of Hong Kong, the area was China’s first Special Economic Zone, and has been one of its most successful. In 2013, its population was 10.62 million. Shenzhen’s total economic output is higher than that of Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, and Vietnam, and it ranks high among mainland Chinese cities in terms of comprehensive economic power. The city is a major manufacturing center, and is home to some of China’s most successful high-tech companies. It is also home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. If your business is looking to expand in China, then to export from the US to Shenzhen is an obvious move.

As China has become both more open and more compliant with international trade practices over the past decade, it has presented unprecedented opportunities for those seeking access to its huge and rapidly developing market. Shenzhen is a major center for such development. If you’re an exporter, learning more about how to export from the US to Shenzhen should be a priority.