The People’s Republic of China is a major economic power-the world’s largest exporter, and one of its largest importers. The country is the focus of tremendous interest among entrepreneurs. In China’s northeast Zhejiang province lies Ningbo. It is comprised of the urban districts of Ningbo itself as well as three satellite cities, along with a number of rural counties, including islands in the East China Sea and Hangzhou Bay. Its port is one of the world’s busies, and is spread across several sites. Learning the ins and outs of how to import from Ningbo to the US is a wise move for anyone wanting access to goods from the Chinese market.


The entire area of Ningbo had a population of 7.6 million as of 2010, with 3.5 million people living in the six urban districts of Ningbo itself. Ningbo is a major exporter of goods such as textiles, food, electrical products, and industrial tools, and the city’s private economy is very well-developed. The Chinese government plans to develop China’s domestic consumer market, so to import from Ningbo to the US is to discover a gateway to tremendous import opportunities.