Ocean Freight Transportation to Costa Rica

The ocean freight transportation to Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to trade with the largest exporting country in Central America. This country has signed a large number of free trade agreements with many countries in the region -including the United States of America-, as well as Singapore and the European Union since 2013. This trade agreement, along with inflation control, the sustained growth of the economy -currently by 4%- and the fact of being the most established democracy in South America make of the ocean freight transportation to Costa Rica a unique opportunity to open a new market for your business.

Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a Container Load (LCL)-Groupage

Do you know the differences and advantages that a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than a Container Load (LCL) - Groupage provide you?

If your cargo volume for ocean freight transportation to Costa Rica is 10 or 21 standard American pallets, then you should choose a 20 or a 40-foot container. The last ones can carry 21 standard American pallets, and each one measures 39.37 in x 47.24 in. in width and length, respectively. In addition, FCL will insure that your cargo won’t be exposed to the cargo belonging to other traders. This is especially important if there could be any risk of contamination of damage caused by other trader’s cargo sharing the container with your goods.

On the contrary, the “groupage” -sharing a container (LCL)- will let you save on shipping costs if you don’t need such volume, as it is when you cargo volume doesn’t fill up even half of a container or you are not much concerned by the risks of sharing the container.

Shipping a container to Costa Rica had never been so easy. Check our rates in iContainers.com to optimize your ocean freight transportation to Costa Rica.

Maritime routes to Costa Rica

The geographical location of Costa Rica causes maritime transport to be the main way for foreign trade. So far, the main origins of imports were, mainly, the United States of America, followed by China and Mexico. The exports are more diversified and the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union -signed in 2013- will result in a great change for its main seaports: Puerto Limón, San José, Caldera and Moín.

  • Puerto Limón
    Puerto Limón is located 160 km from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, and shares container storage facilities with the near Port of Moín. Its strategic location in the continent and the proximity to the Panama Canal makes it the most important port in the country, from which the country exports goods valued over 7000 million dollars annually, according to Procomer (Foreign Trade Office of Costa Rica).
    Many different types of agricultural foodstuff, beef meat and shellfish, along with medical equipment and electronic components make up the core of the Costa Rican exports. Likewise, this port receives a large amount of the raw product imports, consumer goods, petroleum and building materials.
    More than 2300 vessels berth with containers, liquid or solid bulk, as well as Ro-Ro. This port is also a usual destination/stop port for many cruises in the Caribbean Sea. You can also quote a price for shipping a container to Puerto Limon with iContainers.
  • Port of San José
    San José is the capital town, besides the politics and business hub in Costa Rica. Due to its proximity to the main seaports, it has quality communication infrastructures, including rail and airport, which makes it the perfect distribution and channeling platform for many of the goods arrived or produced in the country.
    Get more info by visiting the JAPDEVA website (Administrative Board for the Ports and Economic development of the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica).

Air freight transportation to Costa Rica

If you have a very tight schedule or your shipping is urgent, we suggest quoting an air freight shipment << take into consideration the limitations on air freight shipments concerning volume and weight >>by using the calculator provided by iContainers.