Basic information about the port of GDANSK

Location of GDANSK



Latitude:54.35205 , Longitude:18.64637

The port of GDANSK is one of the sea port in EUROPE where iContainers operate.

These are some examples of ocean freight rates to and from the port of GDANSK calculated by our quoting system in less than 15 seconds:

Shipping cargo to the port of GDANSK

Newark - Gdansk

From 100 $

New York - Gdansk

From 100 $

New York - Gdansk

From 138 $

New York - Gdansk

From 148 $

Charleston - Gdansk

From 710 $

Sending cargo from the port of GDANSK

Gdansk - Boston

From 1,009 $

Gdansk - Miami

From 1,637 $

Gdansk - Norfolk

From 1,638 $

Gdansk - New York

From 1,690 $

Gdansk - Newark

From 1,727 $

For your marine shipping to the port of GDANSK, there are currently more than 1 shipping companies operating from 1 ports in the world.

Our services in the port of GDANSK

The port of GDANSK (ISOCODE: PLGDN) offers the following types of international shipping: FCL, LCL and door to door.

Remember the following factors have an influence on the final cost: the type and size of container, the port of origin and the port of destination, the shipping company, and also external economic factors that could affect the price of the freight, such as a GRI. The average time a containers spends in transit between the port of origin and the port of destination can be anything between 21 and 21 days.