Everything You Need to Know About Freight Shipping

Everything You Need to Know About Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is the most widely adopted method of international transport around today, and due to its wide use; a structure is in place to guide both exporters and importer. This is as follows:

  • When performing a shipment you need to know the volume and weight of what is being imported or exported so it can be determined whether a full container is needed (FCL of 20’ or 40’) or if a shared container can be used.

  • Be aware of the different transit times, carriers and consolidators (companies that offer load sharing) offer so that you can make an informed decision. Direct and indirect routes are both available and the price will vary depending on the option chosen.

  • Weight and volume of the cargo are not only of importance to the marine transporter, but also the intermodal transporters, which may have constraints due to routes and timetables. For example, containers cannot exceed 24 TN or a fine could be incurred. With consolidated goods it is important to specify whether the pallets are stackable or not.

  • With shipping, delays can occur and are not the responsibility of the shipping company. These delays can come from changes due to bad weather, breakdowns, delays at port and changes to the route.

  • In shipping you must take into account customs at the destination of the cargo and at the origin for both imports and exports. The documentation requested with internationally transported goods is vital to prevent delays and additional charges from occurring.

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Klaus Lydsal

"Customs duties play an important role in your international shipment. How they're determined and calculated varies from country to country"

Klaus Lydsal, vice president of operations at iContainers