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Using LCL Shipping for Study Abroad

Updated on 08 Jan 2024
2 min read
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When studying abroad for a semester or more you may find that you need more stuff than you can bring on the plane. That’s where iContainers fits in. We can set you up with a less-than-container load LCL shipment to your destination and back home to get your things where they need to be.

For the purposes of a quote, you can estimate size and weight, but when you’re ready to purchase go ahead and put a more precise size and weight.

LCL shipments are measured by cubic feet (ft3) or cubic meters (m3) and weight. Once you have all of the belongings that you need to ship together, gather everything into boxes and measure the volume they will take up in ft3 or m3. Next, weigh the boxes and determine their weight in lbs or kg.

LCL is the best shipment option for those shipping less than 350 ft3 (10 m3) of items. Between 350 and 500 ft3 (10 and 15 m3) check the rate for FCL as well and compare with LCL to see which is best. As a general rule of thumb, any shipment over 500 ft3 (15 m3) is best served through our FCL shipping option.

Contents of the average multi-room house will fit into 350 ft3 or 10 m3. Contents of a 1 room apartment will fit into about 50 ft3 or 2 m3. Contents of a single room will roughly fit into 25 ft3 or 1 m3.

We hope this information is helpful in preparing you to ship your stuff abroad for your study abroad trip. If you have any further concerns or questions about iContainers’ service, contact us here

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